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Home Design Trends of 2022

Home Design Trends

If you are interested in home and décor design, this is the blog for you! The interior and exterior design of a home is hard work. No one wants their home design to become outdated or lose its appeal. Especially if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, it is essential that you stay updated on home design trends.   

The style and design of your home convey a message or a story to visitors. Your home can give a calming feel, inspire the imagination or make someone feel right at home. Whatever your intention for your interior and exterior design, integrating some new home design trends into your current interior will keep your home looking modern and beautiful.   

Trending Design Styles 

Minimalism Is Out 

Have you heard the news? The minimalist trend is slowly but surely making its way out. You won’t be seeing pure white rooms and bare minimalism design. Instead, minimalism is beginning to warm back up. We are witnessing the maximalism from the ’70s is making its way back into home décor. If your home décor is more minimalist, add vintage items that warm the space up without overpowering your already established design. Find a vintage chair or lamp that accents the rest of your décor. 

What is Modern Grand Millennial? 

The millennial-aged generation has become tired of generic designs and mass-produced items. Many millennials want their designs to have personality and that nostalgic feel that reminds you of a modern version of your grandma’s house, with floral patterns, pleated lampshades, wallpaper and Victorian furniture. The grand millennial trend is a direct rebellion from the rise of minimalism. Less is no longer more. Instead, millennials are leaning into the designs of the past. 

Home Design Trends

Traditional is Becoming Trendy 

While some people will be leaning into the grand millennial trend, others will be investing in the comfort of the traditional. Expect to see rounded sofa arms, marble, wood and linen. Modern traditional is inspired by modern farmhouse, but less rustic. Think of a well-loved wood table with accents of marble and gold. Modern traditional is the perfect design option for someone looking to change their modern farmhouse style.  

Trending Décor Options  

Add Natural Tones 

How are interior designers warming up home decor? By adding natural tones all over the home, things made of wood, natural greenery, and sustainable items. You can warm up almost any interior by adding some natural-toned pieces. Now you don’t have to move out all your favorite pieces; instead, add a couple of well-placed items like a few plants or a wooden tray to freshen up your space.   

Home Design Trends

Leather is Back 

If you have been holding onto your leather pieces from the 80s, you’re in luck, but leather is back! This is one of our favorite home design trends. Don’t be surprised if you see more leather than you have in years. The most popular colors are shades like Tabacco and hazelnut brown. Don’t worry; if you threw away your leather couch, you can add some beautiful leather pieces into your home without breaking the bank. Try new chairs for your dining room table or leather bar stools. You can also add some leather accents by adding a leather pillow to your couch.    

Go Big and Bold 

While adding natural tones into your décor is one way to stay on-trend, natural doesn’t mean neutral. Gone are the entirely gray and tan rooms; instead, people are looking for pops of color. Brightly colored furniture, paintings and lampshades are back. The more colorful and larger the piece, the better! Trendy spaces no longer focus on one or two accent pieces; instead, rooms should be a colorful array of interesting pieces that catch visitors’ eyes, instead of going out and buying every color of décor. Look for vintage-looking pieces like pillows, art or lampshades that are visually interesting.   

Get More Information 

Let us know if you learned something about home design trends! There is so much to consider when you are looking to buy a new home, but that is why you need an agent you can trust! Our expert realtors will lead you through the process. If you are interested in purchasing a home or selling a home in East Central Indiana, learn more about American Heritage Realty. We have been in operation since 1977, and we have the expertise and technology to help you buy a home or sell a home. Get to know us 

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